Apollo BBC is an asset to architects designing high performance and critical concern building systems during the schematic and design development phases.

We provide unique, third-party insight regarding material selection and construction detailing – backed by decades of hands on experience. Our consultants ensure continuity of air barrier, operational vapor retarder, drainage plane, and thermal insulation. 

With the added participation of our expert building enclosure and mechanical consultants, we’re able to help pinpoint problems before construction, address constructability concerns, give our real-world performance assessment of material cost, and create a record detailing the layered installation of systems, including components covered up as part of construction. We look at the big picture and provide actionable advice.

  • High Performance Enclosure Design and Concept Integration Consulting
  • Architectural Design Review of Performance Based Systems
  • Mechanical Systems Review
  • Structural Systems Review
  •  Schematic Remedial Design
  • Construction Document Production


For proposal requests or for more information about our experience and services, email us with the button below or give us a call at 800.370.5456.