We see buildings as a whole, not a collection of discrete systems.

Our consultants have a whole building perspective instead of focusing only on architectural or engineering systems.  We are guided by science and evaluate physical properties of materials, thermodynamic properties of air, and cost implications of energy consuming processes.

Buildings are a collection of highly technical systems that interact with each other in ways that were not originally designed, and we’ve built an expertise on that understanding.

Our Process

We challenge ourselves to join your team, understand your needs and make a measurable difference - not just produce a stack of papers.

Apollo BBC services are targeted to maximize their value to the project.  With a whole-building approach, our consultants are uniquely able to provide actionable advice and recommendations that positively impact the design, construction, and lifespan of the building.

Positive communication is key and we pride ourselves on providing active and clear communication, both verbally and in written reports. Our reports are technical in nature, because we're technical consultants, but constructed for a wider audience to better serve our clients and their delegates. 

Our Industry Philosophy

Apollo BBC was founded with an industry philosophy, and Core Values, that that are different than other consulting firms. We’ve been different right from the start.

There's a Disconnect in our Industry

Many projects aren't fully successful because disconnects exist between owners, consultants, and builders. As consultants become further and further removed from the construction process, there is a difficulty in bridging the language gap between architect, engineer, builder, and owner.

The ultimate victim of a dysfunctional construction system is the owner - they're stuck with the results. We believe that by opening and maintaining dialogue between owners, contractors, and designers, all parties will have a better understanding of each other’s viewpoints and work towards a common goal, a successful project from all perspectives.

Industry Professionals Are Missing Something

In the last 100 years, our profession – designers and builders of buildings – has dramatically changed.  Contemporary buildings are suffering due the fragmented methods the industry employs to build them. As today’s design and construction professionals focus on distinct segments of our industry, the physical interactions of those processes are often disregarded.

Design professionals aren’t being trained for the needs of contemporary construction.  The master build is no more, but architects are still being trained that way, despite a growing need for a deeper material science understanding and the knowledge of impacts that contemporary concepts have on the building.  Engineers, too, are not adequately being trained for the industry, but why would they be?  The engineer’s scopes are so limited that they draw boundaries around their responsible charge and generally ignore the rest.  And the builders are expected to know everything that the Architect and engineers know, plus more.

What the industry is missing is a technical resource and vantage point that takes into account the high performance materials and systems being used today and translates that knowledge into practical, clear recommendations for implementation. This is what Apollo BBC seeks to provide.

High Performance & Green Buildings

High performance buildings include any structure that has a measurable goal, be it energy consumption, failure rate, or green building rating system.  We focus on assisting with the delivery of high performance buildings from the design perspective as well as the construction perspective.

Since our built environment is constantly expanding and redeveloping, we believe it important to consider the total impact that a building will have for its entire life expectancy. Green and high performance building are those that endure both through architecture and economics.

Buildings must be functional for their use and adaptable for other uses; economical to operate; judicious in energy usage; constructed of wisely chosen materials; and pleasing to inhabit. This means that sustainable design and construction should be much more than a compilation of environmentally friendly materials and unconventional plumbing fixtures. They must perform and endure.

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