Our consultants have hands on experience working with builders and operations and maintenance personnel to make systems work.

We’re not like other HVAC/MEP designers. We delve into the physics and don’t rely solely on the output of software programs. Our expertise comes from involvement with existing buildings; identifying their failures and problems achieving occupant comfort, and from retrofit applications intended to repair problems built into their original design.

Our team of forensic mechanical engineers assist attorneys, property managers, building owners, contractors, manufacturers, and design professionals with a wide range of engineering and architectural issues. We provide forensic services for a wide range of industries and building types including educational, municipal, entertainment and hospitality, and luxury multifamily communities.

MEP Forensic Services

Apollo BBC consultants provide opinions and recommendations that are clear, concise, and correct.  Our written deliverables stand the test of scrutiny and our experts are able to successfully articulate and defend our positions.

  • Humidity control analysis
  • HVAC impact on failures of building enclosure systems 
  • Chilled water piping and piping insulation failures 
  • Opinion of standard of care for HVAC system design 

Many of our forensic investigations and condition assessments require specialized tools like data loggers, infrared camera, moisture meters, thermometers, and psychometers to assess current conditions and recommend lasting repair strategies.



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