After years of diagnosing building envelope and mechanical failures in existing buildings, our Principal Engineers discovered that many of the forensic investigations and costly repairs undertaken by our clients could be easily avoided if the design of critical systems was reviewed and then consistently monitored throughout construction. In 2012, Apollo BBC introduced our field services division, Blue Quality Services to clarify existing lines of service.

Blue Quality Services focuses on field-based services such as observations during the construction phase and performance testing to verify assemblies and installation techniques, while Apollo BBC Professional Engineers verify design and provide design consulting and detailing to solve problems prior to construction.

This separation of services has allowed our team to develop The Building Enclosure Quality Assurance Program, a clear and comprehensive program for quality assurance initiatives performed during new construction projects. The Building Enclosure Quality Assurance Program focuses on observing and verifying that the enclosure systems are designed, installed, and proven to meet project goals and owner requirements.

Learn more about Blue Quality Services and our Building Enclosure Quality Assurance Program for new buildings.



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