Our consultants have hands-on experience working with building owners, builders, and operations and maintenance personnel to make systems work.

We’re not like other HVAC/MEP designers. We delve into the physics and don’t rely solely on the output of software programs. Our consultants have hands on experience, working with builders and operations and maintenance personnel to make systems work. Our expertise comes from involvement with existing buildings; identifying their failures and problems achieving occupant comfort, and from retrofit applications intended to repair problems built into their original design.


HVAC Commissioning

Building Commissioning is a pro-active, systematic process that facilitates communication between owners, designers, and contractors.  The Commissioning Process verifies that the design meets the owner’s requirements, the equipment is installed and operated according to the construction documents and manufacturer's instructions.

To maximize the benefit from HVAC Commissioning, Apollo BBC recommends that the Commissioning Authority be engaged early in the design development phase of the project.  At this stage, Commissioning Agents are able to provide valuable insight and independent third party advice to the owner and designers about system selection and implementation.

  • LEED Commissioning Fundamental and Enhanced Scopes
  • Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) Documentation
  • Design Peer Review MEP systems.
  • Pre-Functional Site Visits and Inspections
  • Functional Performance Testing
  • Post Occupancy Performance Review


HVAC Design Consulting

Apollo BBC performs remedial mechanical systems design, as well as design consulting for new high performance commercial buildings. We provide unique insight to designers regarding system selection, construction detailing, and automated temperature control scenarios. Whether energy conservation or occupancy comfort is the driving factor, we look at the big picture and provide actionable advice.

  • High Performance HVAC Systems Consulting
  • Remedial Design and Construction Documents


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