We believe in a performance-based approach to sustainable development.

Apollo BBC consultants approach building enclosure commissioning as a pro-active, systematic process with the end goal to verify that the building design meets the owner’s requirements and that the systems and components are installed and perform according to the construction documents. The process involves documentation of the project requirements, basis of design, and the verification of proper installation and performance of commissioned systems.

Our approach to commissioning is process driven; each building system is rigorously studied for efficiency and performance during design and construction. We closely follow the processes established by ASHRAE’s Guideline 0 and National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Guideline 3, tailored to individual project requirements and the Basis of Design (BOD). Expanding upon ASHRAE’s Guideline 0, the NIBS Guideline 3 provides specific guidance regarding the implementation of the commissioning process to building exterior enclosure systems and describes the specific tasks necessary to that implementation.

Best Practices for BECx

Listed below is a sample of recommended tasks for maximizing the impact of Building Enclosure Commissioning for high performance building projects. For a detailed scope specialized to your project’s unique needs, please contact our Proposal Coordinator.


  • Document Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)
  • Determine commissioning scope and budget
  • Develop initial commissioning plan
  • Develop performance testing plan
  • Lead a design commissioning specific kick-off meeting


Design Phase

  • Review Schematic Design (SD), Design Development (DD), and 100% Construction Documents (CD) at necessary stages
  • Update OPR if necessary after each review
  • Update Cx Plan if necessary after each review


Pre-Construction Phase

  • Lead a commissioning specific construction kick-off meeting
  • Conduct submittal reviews and shop drawings (continues into construction phase)
  • Provide substitutions or appropriate value engineering
  • Verify field mock-up installation and witness performance testing


Construction Phase

  • Perform enclosure QA site observations to verify performance of installed components
  • Document and resolve issues–update issues list
  • Witness and document performance testing for building envelope features


Occupancy/Operations Phase

  • Participate in project completion meeting
  • Perform or direct recommended maintenance testing
  • Update systems manual
  • Perform or be present at training of maintenance staff
  • Issue the Final Report of Commissioning


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