AAMA Accreditation is a requirement to perform the most commonly specified field test for architectural products.

Effective quality assurance programs include testing a product for performance. Our testing services for new construction projects are designed to provide clients with proof of concept, document the quality of subcontractor workmanship, mitigate risk of failure, and diagnose problem conditions.

Our testing division, Blue Quality Services, is a full-service testing laboratory accredited by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and is committed to providing best in class performance testing services. AAMA Accreditation is a requirement to perform the most commonly specified field tests for architectural products and we operate under some of the strictest accreditation standards in the industry

As an AAMA accredited testing laboratory we are certified to perform a variety of water and air penetration testing on windows, storefronts, punched openings, curtain walls, and mock-up assemblies. Testing identifies systemic problems early and adds concrete, measurable data about product and subcontractor performance.

Clear performance testing approaches, criteria, and requirements hold the design and installation teams to an external, objective standard. However, in situations of unclear specifications or conditions we can recommend a best practice testing protocol, sampling strategy, and installation guidance. 

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