Buildings are an investment that require long-range planning in order to maintain and extend their lifespan.

Apollo BBC's existing building consulting services can help add value to operations and asset management professionals. We help preserve and protect high-failure rate assemblies in commercial properties. 

Not only can our team of professionals recommend lasting solutions for existing deficiencies like active water leaks, energy efficiency issues, or waterproofing concerns, but we can also document the lifecycle of your components, helping you prioritize repairs and capital expenditures, ultimately extending the life of your buildings' enclosures. These services can prevent future water leaks, system replacements, increase energy efficiency, and reduce overall owner costs. 


  • Identifies critical system problems
  • Documents the expected life of building enclosure systems 
  • Reduces emergency spending and reactive repairs
  • Prioritizes most critical actions
  • Improves energy efficiency, which reduces total cost of ownership
  • Reduces frequency of replacements and renewals

For system repairs or replacements, we recommend hiring our team of professional engineers–as either the specifier for the repairs, or as a third-party advocate for the building owner. Early involvement allows us to understand the technical issues, review the scope of work and contractor bids, drawings, and perform quality assurance observations during repairs/replacements–ensuring the owner's goals are being met throughout the process. 




To request a proposal or for more information about our experience and services, email us or give us a call at 800.370.5456.