Our ability to draw strengths from both our brands sets us apart from our competition.

Apollo BBC’s scopes of services focus on adding value during the design process of new buildings, identification and resolution of building related failures, repair design, claims and litigation support related to building construction or design issues. Typical projects we undertake require professional engineers, custom reports, design liability, and a highly specialized technical knowledge base.

After years of diagnosing building envelope and mechanical failures in existing buildings, our Principal Engineers discovered that many of the forensic investigations and costly repairs undertaken by our clients could be easily avoided if the design of critical systems was reviewed and then consistently monitored throughout construction. In 2012, Apollo BBC introduced our field services division, Blue Quality Services to clarify existing lines of service.

Blue Quality Services focuses on providing third-party field based services such as performance testing, construction quality assurance observations, and other process-based tasks. Clarifying our scopes of services and fee schedules provides unmatched value to our clients.


Blue Quality Services
448 West 19th Street, No. 389
Houston, TX 77008

Blue Quality Services is an American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) Accredited Full Service Laboratory that performs field-based testing and quality assurance observations during new construction projects. Our highly skilled field services team performs these services to add concrete, measurable data to support our client's quality assurance plans, satisfy their contract specifications, and to identify root cause failures.

Field-based testing during construction provides a quantitative assessment of a building’s performance, and when combined with quality inspections, create a robust and complete quality assurance program. These services have been developed from Apollo BBC’s expert level services, distilled to a proactive process during construction – documenting quality of work, mitigating risk of failure, and diagnosing problem conditions.



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